Thursday, June 28, 2012

Iced Tea

Another 100 degree day. Ugh. I used to drink iced tea instead of water. The caffeine buzz kept me going and going. These days I have to limit myself to just a glass or two every now and then.
Growing up in north Georgia, Coke was the soft drink of choice and iced tea was always sweet. When I was 19 (I know, I know - I should have titled this post "Long Ago and Far Away") I was on a date and ordered an iced tea that I had never heard of before "Long Island Iced Tea." I was curious about how they did tea 'up north.' Of course, I didn't want my date to know this was all new to me so I acted like I had these all the time (right, like none of you ever fake it).
Needless to say it was not like my Mom's iced tea. Also, this tea's ability to relax me was (and still is) dangerous - I don't have it on days when I've got lots of work to do or if I plan to drive anywhere or if I need to think.

Here's my recipe (for two):
Mix 1 oz. of lemon juice and 1 tsp of sugar until sugar is dissolved.
Add 1 oz. each - gin, rum, tequila, vodka
Mix well (if you do this poorly I will know).
Divide the mixture in 2 pretty glasses.
Add approximately 1/2 cup of Coke and ice.



Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All Over the Place

New freezer purring in the garage. Weeds growing in garden.  The outside temperature is 101 F and inside, even with the ceiling fan going, I just can't bring myself to knit. 

Summer is here and the only thing to do is play and rest.

My two year contract is up on my phone... my flip phone... embarrassment to my children and my favorite gadget - well, it's a toss up between this and the coffee maker.  My children are encouraging me to go with an iPhone.  My fear is I would spend all that money but would I use everything?  Is it worth it?  What do you think?  Keep in mind your talking to the woman who just this past week had a sister-in-law call and tell me to check out Facebook to see some pictures she had posted.  (Her grandson's new puppy - the two of them are so cute...)  My question is - if someone's got to remind me to check Facebook do I need or want a phone that does everything?  Or do folks get the iPhone and just do more - keep in touch more, etc.?  I am curious -what do you think and what type of phone do you rely on?

This morning with coffee I listened to Nora Jones - love the voice and the piano.  Then to get me in a clean the house mood I switched to Kelly Clarkson and picked up the kitchen while she sang "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)."  Nietzsche would be so proud. 

Sometimes in the summer, especially on really hot days, I turn up "We're An American Band" by Grand Funk Railroad and I'm transported to the summer of '74.  I love how music does that.  You can like the music or the times when you first heard the music.

I'm curious - what kind of music do you listen to? At this moment in time what is your favorite song?


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

put a smile on it

This week is not going according to my plans - in fact, this morning I chucked all my plans and I'm considering just making one long TO DO list - I can already see the title I'll get to it when I get to it - oops! there I go planning again.

We have bought a new freezer, but it wasn't in stock and it will not be delivered until next Monday.

I'm happy to report my 'replacement' bird feeder is still in great shape, built really strong I don't think I have to worry about the neighborhood squirrels destroying this one. Why would they? It can hold up to four at a time...

My birder is a squirrel meeting place. There are three in the picture.

This week my iron has quit working. Yes, I iron, especially when I quilt/sew. So I'm off to read Consumer Reports and figure out which is the best iron. Any suggestions?

Wait a minute! I've got to stop complaining, let sleeping dogs lie, and enjoy this time.  It's summer, that wonderful 'take it easy' time of year when we let go of our stresses, party with the people we love - who love us! - a time to just forget our cares and relax with a tall lemonade - bring me one, and please, put some gin in it.

Happy Longest Day of the Year!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cloudy with a Chance of Falling Ice

No time to play today. 

For my friends in Dallas, WOW!  That was an amazing hail storm.  Hope all is well and that you all have 'really good' insurance.  If you care to see how we do hail storms in DFW check out this report on local News.

Here in Fort Worth... my freezer quit.  I was fortunate to discover the problem before we lost everything in the deep freeze - also, we have wonderful friends in the neighborhood who are letting us store our frozen goods at their house.

Now I have to get out in the garage and clean up the mess and soon (very soon) I'll be out shopping.

On the bright side - when we move the old freezer (before we put in the new one) I will get to paint that area of the garage.

Hope you are having a wonderful week - summer in all its glory and heat is upon us - Enjoy!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It is hot and stormy here in Texas today. 

All we've got right now in Fort Worth
are clouds and wind, and a vague promise of rain. 

So, of course, I'm thinking about snow
and one of my favorite Christmas movies,
 "It's A Wonderful Life."  

One of my favorite lines from the movie is
"No man is a failure who has friends." 

I love to see the little things around my house that remind me of my friends.

The friends I've known a long time. 
Found this when I was with Mernie in San Antonio.
 (I bought it for me, because  I think she believes the
first half of the saying is so "Joy" and because I know the last line
 is how I have felt about her for the past twenty years!)

The friends who are also family. 
Some of these marbles may actually belong
to my brothers - I kept them in my jewelry box for years. 
The Ball canning jar is from my mom.

The friends who live near by. 
Patti saw these five candle sticks at a garage sale and thought of me. 

The friends I have met through blogging. 
Ann, at Moonbeams & Fireflies had a beautiful post
and pictures of Columbines, I asked if she would sell me some seeds. 
She emailed me and in a month or so she sent me a packet of seeds - complete
with stems - as a gift.  Her blog is beautiful,  I have learned a thing or two from her,
and I have been entertained by her adventures.

And those of you who read my blog, thanks.
I always enjoy your comments - thank you.
You are all pretty wonderful.

I know that I am blessed.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Out in the Rain

Yes, I'm sending you a message - this doesn't happen on its own..
if it did, I don't think I would tell anyone.

Rain is gently falling in my part of the world.  It is beautiful and I am thankful for the great job nature is doing watering my yard and garden. 

I am a little disappointed that my wisteria never bloomed this year.  It is the second spring here at my garden gate and still no blooms.  Should I be worried?

My garden gate - June 2012

On the left side there is just a little reminder (that bit of green brown hanging on to the trellis) of the white clematis that bloomed in early spring.  I had planned for the blue wisteria (left) to bloom around that time and the red peony (front right).  This is the first spring for the peony, maybe, hopefully, next year they will bloom.  Also, on the left side I have a few moon flower plants just starting to grow - there may be color (white) here by July...

I noticed that an Oak Gall (Oak Apple to some) has fallen.  Landed on the sidewalk right in front of the door.  It is a little early, and really firm. 

Please note:  It's only shiny, wet looking because I just
brought it in the house to get a better picture of it.
(Yes, I did turn it this way to accent the "eye ball look.")

Usually they feel like dried out little puffs of nothing and leave dark brown spots all over the sidewalk and driveway, this one is like a little rubber ball or eye ball.

Yesterday there was thunder and lightning - it was beautiful.  Today this soft rain with its cool temperatures seems slightly perfect. 

I leave you now to go sit with a cup of coffee and just watch the rain. 


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Little Gardening

I am such a control freak.  I add plants to my garden so that I'll have a little something blooming all through the year.

One of my favorite things about  May 15th through June 15th - Day Lillies!

I learned that trick from my neighbor, Angelica, who lived next door to me in Germany.  She always bought at least two, sometimes three or more, of the same plants and planted them around her garden.  If someone gave her one plant she would divide it so that it grew in more than one place.  Nothing about her garden looked skimpy.  Bunches of daffodils bloomed in different spots - all at the same time - and it was very pleasing to glance around her garden and see patches of yellow here and there. A few weeks later her tulips bloomed, then other plants - each in their own time.  In mid to late summer roses bloomed and were glorious - 'scattered' here and there.  In every season her garden was beautiful.  I learned a lot from my German gardening neighbor.  All it takes is a little planning and anyone can create a beautiful garden.

Even though I have not been out in my garden it has continued to grow, following it's own schedule and not giving a thought to the outside world.  My hibiscus (a gift from Patti that I posted about last summer) is starting to bloom. 

Once again this beautiful plant is on the patio - getting a little morning sun
and protected from the wind.

My day lillies are at their peak.

The yellow day lillies are the first to bloom in my garden.
Then a couple of weeks later all the other colors join them.

I am always amazed by how life goes on.  My children grew with minimal effort - sure they were fed and clothed, but honestly I didn't have to stretch them at night - they just grew.  Each year about this time when the garden is a riot of color I am reminded that living things just do that.  Follow their course and grow and bloom at their appointed times...

Here are the Hen-n-Chicks I got from Mom back in February.  They have added a couple of babies.  (Not sure what those white dots are - the next picture I took was of the cone flower in the daisies and there are no dots in that picture.)

Of course there are show offs who bloom early -

check out the only purple cone flower blooming the first of June - purple cone flowers aren't "scheduled" to start blooming until the daisies in front of them are cut back... looks like someone couldn't wait. 

Maybe I'm not in control of things...