Sunday, February 24, 2013

Garden Workers

Retirement Perk -  I have a helper in the garden this year.  Who knew two people working in the garden would work so much faster than just one? We started at the front door and have trimmed up the shrubbery along the front of the house. We added new bark mulch giving the front of the house a nice, clean look.

A little over a week ago I cleaned out a pot, added fresh soil, and tore open a seed packet.  I took a chance and planted some cilantro in a new spot this year.

Cilantro - Week 2
I usually sprinkle seeds in the autumn, planting herbs straight in the flower beds mixed in among the perennials.  This year I plan to have several pots of herbs just outside the back door.  Cilantro is one of my favorites, I like using the leaves in salads and salsa, or chopping up a handful and throwing them in a pot of pinto beans just before I serve them.  At this stage of the game these are just wishful plans - right now I'm babying sprouts and watching the daily weather reports to keep my seedlings healthy.

I got this idea from my Mom: Using plastic wrap
to protect the 'cilantro babies' from the cold weather.
Mr. J&C and I have ended several days cold and covered in dirt - tired, tired. But proud of our accomplishments and looking forward to what we will do next.


Friday, February 15, 2013


Sunny and 67 F on  February 14th.  If you and yours celebrated Valentines' Day, I hope you had a wonderful time.  Mr. J&C and I tempted each other with chocolates.

Over the last few weeks I've gotten several seed and garden catalogs so I know that it is wintertime.  I love that every year, in the dead of winter, I receive these beauties...

I love to look through them and dream.  I have learned by sad trial and error (and who knows how much money!) that all I can do is dream - and plan.  I take my time wishing and hoping and finally, when I'm ready to buy and plant, I take my pictures to my favorite local shops and buy.  They have plants that may survive in my area and it makes more sense to buy plants that have a fighting chance.

What's tempting you this week?