Thursday, February 27, 2014

That's What Friends Are For

My friends and neighbors are in estate sales. I know that their job is lots of hard work and dust and grease and tears (parting with worldly possessions can be heart breaking. Or the classic "will Momma know I loved her if I get rid of these three chipped water goblets that I'm sure she and Daddy got for a wedding present in 1937?"). They are able to sort, clean, deal with the clients and shoppers, and make money for their clients and themselves. This week they let me come visit them early and see what they had to sale.

Mr. J&C and I went over Tuesday morning and 'found' a breakfast room table, it's perfect and it was the right price. So, naturally, I asked if I could come back again with a friend of mine, known for her clever decorating, quilting, and the ability to spot treasures almost anywhere - the Colorado Lady.

Many thanks to whoever made these wonderful items.

Suzanne came away with all kinds of things (check out her Thursday post Vintage Thingy Thursday).  I got a quilt and a few baskets... a couple of embroidered table runners... and a child's apron... did I mention my quilt?

My new picnic quilt.

Thing is, I would have had fun even if I had not found this lovely blue quilt all because a friend was with me. I hope you have people in your life who help you through the tough times, cry with you, laugh with you, eat & drink with you, and, of course, shop with you.  That's what friends are for...


Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Life, New Love

I have fallen in love with someone new.
Dark hair, blue eyes.
She's gorgeous!

Makenzie, less than 2 hours old, wearing
traditional newborn hospital ensemble.

I am a grandmother. 
I think I'm going to like this adventure. 
I want to spend more time with her but I'm
smart enough to wait until I'm invited -
I believe her parents get to be Number One
in her life right now.  I keep reminding 
my daughter "I'm here whenever you need me!" 
I'm always looking forward to our next visit. 
I've even contemplated moving to her side of town...

This was taken the night Makenzie was born, the first time
I got to hold her, and it was love at first sight.
(This watercolor picture was made possible by a handy
little iPhone app called Waterlogue,  I learned about
 it from a post by Rosemary at Content in a Cottage.)

This could be the beginning
of a beautiful friendship.