Friday, March 22, 2013

Borrowed Mule

Pulling weeds is back breaking work, especially hard is trying to get rid of all the Bermuda grass.  Where did that stuff come from?  We have a beautiful St. Augustine lawn, but somehow we have Bermuda grass in all the flowers beds.

Having knee surgery last year put me way behind in garden maintenance, now Mr. J&C and I are knee deep in weeds.  I am happy to report that we are half way through our garden cleanup.

Beautiful flower bed, notice the grapevine up front
- it already has blooms (well, one or two).

We are trying to get all the work done before the Texas heat returns to Fort Worth.  I thought we were all HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY ---  Until I heard my husband say I was working him like a "borrowed mule."

Mr. J&C hard at work.

Picking up a thing or two at local garden center.

What is one supposed to do when the 'help' starts complaining?

I've given him (and me) the day off.  I've even sweetened the deal by giving him his choice of whiskey.

Lessons learned this week? 

Be good to your garden help - and yourself.


Friday, March 8, 2013


I love my Texas home but it took me a while to adjust to the way we do seasons around here. There are years when I miss whole seasons. I can be just minding my own business and then, half way through a winter afternoon, I realize summer is here. 

The calendar says March so I think it's about time for Spring. Cold mornings, mild afternoons. Could it be that Spring is really here?

These started blooming three weeks ago before I got
out there to weed that section of the garden.
Many thanks to my friend, Mernie, who years ago gave me these 'Texas' daffodil bulbs for a birthday present.  I received them in September and planted them in October. They've grown and multiplied every year.

I may not be a zealot about using plants that are
grown for a Texas garden - but I'm getting close to it.

I've been going through old pictures, instruction manuals, and files (trying to get the house organized enough so Mr. J&C can find anything - without me having to stop and show him where "we" keep things). 

I moved the plant information card to the
top just for this picture.... work with me,
I'm trying to tell a story.

Turns out I had more than one garden notebook, so for now I'm keeping my garden stuff in a box. One a rainy day I may put everything in notebook, but this box idea is sort of growing on me.

I don't usually keep birthday cards but for some reason (the turtle maybe?) I kept this one with the plant instructions.  It reminds me who gave me such a great gift and I figure if someone gives you a perennial they hope each time you see it you'll think of them and smile.