Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It is better to give than receive --- that doesn't make receiving a bad thing

Dear God,
Please help me to receive.  When a friend is reminded of me and goes to the trouble to bring a gift to my door help me to be gracious and  thankful. Thank you that someone listened to their heart and answered Your call to bless me.   Thank you for the wonderful people in my life.    Amen.
Hibiscus in Full Bloom Spring 2011

My friend, Patti, showed up one day last fall with this beauty.  It was smaller and only had one bloom.  Love at first sight.  The newest addition to my garden spent the winter in my storage room (soon to be my studio - still thinking, planning & cleaning - pictures coming someday) and now is on my patio.  Before the weather got really hot, my hibiscus was full of beautiful blooms, with summer here it is struggling a bit in this heat, but it's alive and still green.  I hope it will bloom again when the temperatures cool down.

Original Martini Glass (r) vs. New Martini Glass (l)

My new martini glasses, set of three, arrived with the $1.00 price tag still on them.  My friend, Jane, knows I love a bargain and martinis, and when she saw these she thought of me.  She knew this quick gift was perfect for me - price tag and all.  She didn't measure them or check to see how much liquid they can hold she just got them for me.  Coming in at a whopping eight (8) ounces, let's just say I'm down to one drink a night... two olives.

I enjoy the blog Colorado Lady.  She introduced me to the idea of blessing people I will probably never meet by sending Seniors (I think her rule is over age 70) birthday cards.  It's a clever idea, if you want to 'bless' someone right this minute, check out Suzanne's blog at http://coloradolady.blogspot.com/ .

I see the unexpected surprises as true gifts.   A little something (some days a big something), out of the blue, given to you with love and just to bring a smile to your face.  No strings.  No guilt.  Happiness.  A chance to glimpse the hand of God.  Enjoy these moments and when they are over, ask God to show you who and where you are needed to bring that sort of sweetness to someone else.

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