Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rambling Back to Real Life

I have had a fun break from my everyday life and spent the last couple of weeks visiting with my family and walking in the north Georgia countryside.

We survived a small tornado - it touched down a few miles up the road from Mom's house.  I also visited with some of the most beautiful, talented, and intelligent children in the world - my nieces and nephews. 

Does anyone recognize this shrub growing at the edge of Mom's driveway?
 I've forgotten its name.

I collected several plants to bring back home with me and try growing in my Texas garden. 

My new plants - gifts from Mom and her amazing garden.

Including these three ancient roses - 

My potting shed is just some wire shelves on the patio.  

O.K., I admit they don't look that old right now sitting here in their Styrofoam cups, but the Billie Bart Pink Rose, the Reminds Me of  the Old New Dawn, and the Pink from a Fence Somewhere are all old enough to buy us a drink.  My mom rooted me a cutting from another deep pink rose in her garden - not a climber it just has really long canes.  I think I'll name it Rock's Rose. 

This is Rock.

Now before you tell me I can't just name roses, no one who owns these roses knows what they were originally called.  Mom has had three of them in her garden for years and she can tell you about their growing habit and fragrance, but she doesn't know who first cultivated them.   The "Billie Bart" rose was growing on the property my aunt and uncle bought over three decades ago - there was no tag on it, without hiring a 'rose detective' how does someone figure out what rose they've got?  I just name them something that will have meaning for me... 

I'm gardening and cleaning house this week.  Speaking of cleaning house, I just deleted my PINTEREST account.  I loved having some place to put stuff - very convenient, super easy to share, but I don't want to be accused of stealing pictures and/or ideas.  I did question PINTEREST's posting instructions "don't use this to be self promoting" and only post pictures you have a right to post, but my pictures are the only ones I own.  So I quit of my own free will - that should free up a few minutes. I was so happy when I first started using it - especially when I would see something and wanted to share with a friend.  Now I'll send my friends to the 'original site' and they can check it out for themselves - just like we used to do.  

Please forgive my rambling, but somehow I think I see a connection to PINTEREST and the roses I'm rooting, I just can't get everything into focus and explain that connection.

Not stealing ideas, work, and art of another person is important to me and I was reminded of this as I was standing in the check out line of the grocery store with my Mom.  I spotted a magazine with a beautiful quilt on its cover.  I picked it up to for a quick look through and saw a picture that reminded me of something.  I looked at another picture and thought "Wow! This person must love Old Grey Mare  (I loved her place at Christmas)  because this looks just like her blog pictures."  I told my Mom, "This is creepy, these pictures look ripped out of a blog that I follow...."  By the time I saw the piece of roof (architectural art) on the living room wall I was livid !!!  How could someone steal this?! 

(Where do "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" and "Passing something off as an original idea" meet --- and does anyone get hurt?)

At this point I stopped my "only looking at the pictures" and started reading.  Oh, it was Susan Stoddard.  Then I saw where they mentioned her blog, Old Grey Mare, and I started to calm down (to the point of feeling a bit silly).  I really like her blog (and yours, too) and would hate for anyone to get credit for all her (or your) hard work.

I'm just showing you the front cover of the magazine,
 you'll have to go out and buy it for yourself to see how wonderful it all is.

When I got back to Texas, I checked her blog and sure enough she knew she was featured in Country Sampler,  I just haven't had time to read blogs lately so I didn't know what she was up to.  Also, I noticed she's having doubts about PINTEREST.  I would say "Great Minds Think Alike" but there's probably someone out there who owns that little ditty.

It's good to be back home. Once again I've traveled and my blogging friends were on my mind.  Hope your March is off to a great start. 

What's new with you?




Denise :) said...

*So* glad you're back ... and happy that you had a marvelous time and especially joyful you survived tornadoes!! The flower, which is quite pink and beautiful looks familiar (it looks like a cross between a dogwood and an azalea), but I don't know its name. Have a GREAT week!! :)

TexWisGirl said...

(i love rock!) and i hope your roses flourish. :)

i've seen some folks do a post on pinterest - how lots of folks are borrowing photos and just marking them as 'from pinterest' without giving proper credit to the original owner/source. i think it's going to be a troublesome thing...

HolleyGarden said...

Glad you didn't get hit by the tornado. And I love your roses' names! I hope they all grow well for you. And yes, it's frustrating to know that some people's work and photos are getting ripped off. I don't do Pinterest, but it is interesting to hear the thoughts of others about it.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Welcome home! It's so nice to get away...but then nice to return home, too! I think that is a crab apple blossom...not sure. I'm glad you didn't have any damage from the tornadoes! What a sad thing! Enjoy your week, my friend! ♥

Denise :) said...

Quince! I think that's the name of the flowering bush! I opened up my newly arrived Celebrate magazine and there it was. And by the by, Rock has a very sweet and handsome face. And welcome home again -- I missed you! :)

YONKS said...

Thanks for your lovely comments today CJ, you are so wise! I am so glad you survived the storms, we have had it on the news over here. All those poor families, unbelievable how things can change in the blink of an eye. Just glad you are safe. It was grate meeting a fellow blogger, I probably should change my photos too, a little greyer, a little fatter, sh must have though who is this fat old woman? :-)
If we can't laugh at ourselves, what can we laugh at.
Much Love

sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

I think PINTEREST is like Linky.
Alot of advertisement for business and see how many points can get.Linky is so confusing but ihear that blogger followers are going to go. Then I have know idea where we can blog from. Do you know? Tell everyone about following you to sell yourself is what linky and other sites are. Hmmmm. I seen you on the blog I wrote the gal so I just read info and write who I think is down to earth. You are one and another galon Claudia's friend list. I think it is great to have friends in here.Who you feel you have know for years. I enjoy walks and photos and flowers and yes your dog.I am a country girl. So I enjoy your blogs very much. The magazine looks interested readable. Is it in stores?