Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tax Day 2012


17 APRIL 2012 
What's on your list?

1.  Mail federal income tax package.

We've seen our duty and done it.

2.  Figure out what is eating garden flowers and make it stop.  Soak another batch of seeds. Replant.  (Wish I could figure out how to get 'it' to eat weeds.)

Yes, that was me moaning when I saw that my beautiful little plant was MIA. 
Cut down in its youth by unseen forces.... grasshoppers ... or something that did
not know Moonflowers are poisonous (not everything reads my blog).

Moonflower eaten by ???  (probably the same creature that ate every EVERY leaf off the redbud tree). 

Happy to report that the tree, after a few days of nakedness,
has started to grow leaves again.

3.  Remember to keep doors closed.  We have Butterflies and Lady Bugs everywhere, even in the house.  Not sure how that happens but it seems like at least once a day I am happily (and gently) putting the cute little creatures back outside to work in my garden (some one's got to).

4.  Get outside and enjoy the garden.  Things not eaten by the bugs and blooming include:

Oxalis, my purple plant (I've had it about a year) and the green one Mom gave me in February. 

Chives (can't wait to put them in a salad),

Have you ever had chive blossoms in your fresh salad? 
Try it (as long as you don't have any chemicals on your plants). 
I think they taste better just after they bloom -
if you wait too long they will go to seed.

and Marigolds - here's the first one to bloom this year (it wintered over in the one of my patio pots and got a head start on the seeds I've planted in recent weeks). 

5.  "Weed" around the grapevine.  I planted one grapevine last year.  It didn't get taller than 18 inches last year.  The little bit of fruit it produced was a dozen or so hard little greenish-blueish balls - not as big as a marble - and (of course I tasted one) they tasted like sour, bitter, yucky thingys.  This year the grapevine is up and running and the daisies that were planted in front of the grapevine are racing to fill up the bed. 

I have to clear this area out, notice the little white rocks -just to the right?
I've got a couple of moonflowers there that haven't been eaten. 

6.  Give away excess daisies to anyone who wants them.

Being "busy" is highly overstated (and overrated).  I just make a list so that when I get sidetracked I'll remember what I was planning/hoping to do.  One of my long term goals is to make our world a better place and you can help, just try this:

Go outside and just enjoy the day - or night.
The happiest people I know can tell the
difference between the way the air smells
in the spring and in the autumn.  

The seasons are gifts and your life will be
better if you spend at least
     ten minutes outside every day.    

I leave you now to go pull the grasshoppers off the roses, all part of my glamorous life.



Robin Larkspur said...

I feel your pain about the plants that get eaten, it is a sad thing to see. I love lists, yours has similar things to mine.
Really like your "mission statement"; the air is sweet now, filled with the smell of growing things and new life! Each season is indeed a gift! Beautiful!
Good luck with the critters that are munching on your plants!
Congrats on getting rid of the tax envelope!

TexWisGirl said...

this was a fun post. :)

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Can you believe I brought my taxes from Texas to Holland and posted them today, the 17th, in Middelburg? Crazy Tumbleweed. Now for the garden here that is showing tulips and daffodils. :) Jenny

catmint said...

All i can say is thank goodness the grasshoppers or whatever they are don't like chives or marigolds so at least you can still have lovely salads. Moonflowers sound so romantic.