Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No Fear

I have been amazed by some of the television I have watched and the online news and information that has come my way over the past few months, so much of it fear based. "Eat this or Die!" "Do this and Die!  How did our ancestors live without the constant media reminders that we are nothing without the help of someone or something else (who will gladly 'save' us for a price)?

I don't enjoy scary stuff. I try to surround myself and my loved ones with happy pleasures. Sure my house has been neglected for the past few months, slowly but surely I am getting it cleaned up and back to my level of normal (not magazine perfect, I prefer homey and comfortable). It also smells wonderful here today - cinnamon, allspice, sugar, and apples.

I love apples.  Do you eat them for business or pleasure? Seriously, do you eat "an apple a day to keep the doctor away" or do you just eat them for the pleasure they bring you? I eat apples just because they taste wonderful. During the last few weeks I've decided to ignore the EXPERTS and to only eat food I like - because that's how life should be. I suppose if all I wanted to eat was dirt I would probably not be so bold, but I love a variety of foods and can't imagine any of them as "bad."


I'm currently working to create a delicious apple pie for two, shrinking our favorite pie recipe from an eight serving to a four serving pie plate.

I'll share my recipe on my next post - I'm not sure how this will turn out and I would hate to give you a yucky recipe.

I am very curious - Do you purchase things to make your life better or because you're afraid if you don't have 'it' terrible things might happen?  What motivates you?



marigold jam said...

I think we have forgotten how to follow our instincts. So often what is supposed to be good or bad this week will turn out to be the opposite in a few months/years time so I think it's best to eat what your body tells you is right for you. We all know that too many fatty sweet cakes and so on are not good without being told and that we need plenty of green vegetables - I know I crave greens if I have been on holiday and my diet hasn't included enough of these as is sometimes the case! A little of what you fancy and plenty of what you already know to be good is the best diet and take all those news items with a pinch of salt (or maybe not if salt is supposed to be a bad thing!)

Aine O'Brien said...

I am so tired of fear based advertising. In the end, we all die. It's what we do while we are alive that matters. I eat what I want and interestingly enough, I tend to naturally eat healthier things. But sometimes I eat an ice cream cone or some chips. Because I'm going to die someday and I don't want to miss out on anything good while I'm here.

HolleyGarden said...

I have learned that there is a report that will back up anything. One day such-and-such is bad for you, then later on, the same such-and-such is good for you. You have to be a researcher to find out the truth. As for food, I try to eat well, but I tend to cheat a lot. However, I never, ever buy any of the things they are marketing. Years ago everything marketed made you sexier. Now it will make you live longer. It will be interesting to see what's next - your nursing home experience will be better? ;)

catmint said...

Hi Joy, such an interesting topic. I read somewhere the rise in allergies is due to too much cleanliness and people not building up enough resistance to bugs. I mostly eat well, but if I feel like an occasional pig out then I will do it. I particularly love fairy bread (white bread, butter and hundreds and thousands, or coloured sugar) and last week at a childrens party I probably ate about 20 slices. I was punished by feeling sick, but it was worth it!

catie bea said...

Sound advice. And it makes for such a happier life. At our house, we eat what makes us *feel* good, which does mean that we are generally gluten-free and limit sugar, but when I feel like eating ice cream I will. Unfortunately, gluten comes at something of a higher price, but I will still partake of a bite or two here and there.

Sometimes I feel "guilty" about this. It seems like others always do it better than I do! But you are right. We should eat as *we* see fit, not as others tell us to eat. Thanks for reminding me of that!


TexWisGirl said...

i don't eat apples very often, but i eat a ton of berries and bananas.

your post just finally came thru google reader. sorry i'm a bit late!

Claudia said...

I think most of what I see on the news and on commercials (especially for pharmaceutical companies) is based on fear. It makes me angry. And it plays into that fear to manipulate people.