Friday, September 16, 2011

Rain At Last

In our part of Texas we are entering hour number four of a wonderful rainy night. Many thanks to all of you out in the world tonight praying for rain.  For the first time in over three and half months I'm crawling into my bed listening to the wonderful sound of rain on the roof.  I continue to pray that rain will fall throughout the state and where ever it is needed in the world. 

God bless us, every one.


Mary said...

Doesn't it sound/feel wonderful after so long? So glad you got some and we did too, almost all day Sat. Yesterday we were able to do a couple of hours of much-needed weeding - at last we could pull them with the soil so moist, a worthwhile job done!

Best wishes for a happy week dear.

Barbara said...

Have heard a lot about the drought in Texas and saw that you did not even get any rain from the hurricane. Glad that you have some at last.

If only we could have shipped some!! We have had our wettest summer for 15 years in England.