Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Hunt Continues

My quest for house numbers continues.  I'm serious about this, I want something clever - but not too cute.  I would also like to finish this project before Christmas.

Life Lesson:  When you tell your husband you'll go shopping with him wherever he wants to go, keep in mind he may not choose an antique mall or a quilt shop. 

...where would I put the house number?...

We found this little beauty in Bass Pro Shop or Cabela's - sorry I can't remember which store, the day was kind of a blur.  Yes, I did say I wanted our entry way to be something visitors would remember.  And I vaguely remember saying something about wanting people to leave with a smile on their face. 

I can tell you it didn't come home with us. 

I hope it doesn't show up in my Christmas stocking.



mississippi artist said...

This is too funny!Thanks for follwong my blog and now that I have found you I am following you. Going to catch up on some of your back posts.

A Vintage Green said...

I've enjoyed your comments for a long time now, didn't realize I had not yet followed your blog, so today, I am following.

Jane said...

I love the fish box. That would make me leave and arrive for that matter with a smile on my face!