Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tears of Joy

I spent Saturday evening staring at these flowers, yes, it was just like this - a little blurry, looking through the happy tears of a mom.  I found myself doing mother of the bride things and saying (truthfully) how happy we are that our only daughter has found a good man and we hope and pray the rest of their lives will be blessed.  They seem made for each other - perfect for each other in lots of ways.  He's even a nice fit for our family (I sometimes feel like Dad chose him - he likes a lot of the same things my husband likes - except he cheers for Texas and Dad is an Aggie and will always cheer for Texas A&M - but I understand that this can happen in the best of families).

We (mom & dad) got to plan the dinner for the reception, everything else was Baby's idea. The cakes had to taste homemade and they had to look beautiful (no fondant). She chose all the flowers - arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres. Candles, low lighting, blazing fireplace, and bubbles (no rice). I won't go into the wedding dress details - I need a drink every time I think about it. At some point (last week!) I gave in and returned my beautiful blue dress and went with the black outfit she picked out (I wouldn't do this for just anyone).

After all the weeks of craziness everything came together and we had a wonderful evening.

The ceremony was sweet, made all the better by the minister, the groom's cousin.  He and his family came from Tennessee to be a part of this happy occasion.  It seemed like everyone was there - from four grandmas to a trio of little nieces (something new for Baby) - lots of family and friends.  We had a fun evening, lots of food and flowers and music.  Got to dance at my Baby's wedding and it was a good thing.

Now we are cleaning up, and taking back the rented and borrowed items that helped make this day special. 

My house, so full this past week that family was sleeping on the floor, is quiet. 

Some day soon things will return to normal - it will be a new normal, we will all adjust.  I've promised not to call after 7 p.m. and I don't expect them to be with us at every family event in the years to come.  Do parents become unnecessary after a wedding?  Will she not need me to comfort her when she skins her knee or a friend buys to same earrings and insists on wearing them when Baby is wearing hers?

I brought a few of the flowers home and although they look purple in
 this picture, these hydrangeas were maroon on Saturday night. 

Baby is very creative and her flowers were beautiful - she even mixed in a little maroon with all her orange and white blooms. I got a call from her on Sunday, lots of thanks, a few quick stories, and a favor to ask. "Mom, could you save me a few of the hydrangeas?"

Of course I can. I'm mom - it's good to know I'm still needed.



Coloradolady said...

OH, Dear. As I sat in a house of coughing and sniffling all weekend, with a fever to boot, I knew I was missing something. Now I feel even worse. Oh, Joy I did not want to miss this, and with me being sick for about a week, I was not even thinking clearly. How could I? :-/
I can not wait to hear all about it. PS The bowls are still sitting on my buffet in the laundry room....and I have not seen them in over a week. What does that tell you. Ugh.

talesfromagarden said...

Glad to know everything went off great!I do not think Moms every become redundant!

A Vintage Green said...

A new family, a larger family. Congratulations to all. Thanks for dropping by to visit as well.

patti.k said...

When my mom was in her late 80s, she became kind of disconnected from the world. I so missed being able to call her for support when I was feeling down on to celebrate with me when I was happy. Now that she is gone, I miss being able to just hear her voice. We never lose the need to talk to Mom. I'm betting that you hear from her more now than before. As she becomes a loving wife, she will need your support in so many new ways. She will call for advice, friendship and just to say thanks for letting her cook with you when she was little so that she learned how to do it. It's just one more transition in the life of a Mom.

Barbara said...

Congratulations to all. No you will never stop being a Mum and your relationship may even deepen as time goes by. Adult to adult rather than Mother and child.

A very emotional time when they first go though.

Denise :) said...

I loved this post -- it made me teary-eyed, too! :)