Thursday, December 1, 2011

Under the Influence of a Blog

Christmas Day
long ago and far away...

I am no where near putting up the tree,
but be of good cheer - don't worry about me,
I've spent the day cleaning with the songs of the season,
And after hours of 'Jingle Bells' my mind can not reason.

I leave you now to sleep, dream, and snore,
Tomorrow I hope to finish housework and chores.
Then I will decorate, gifts I will wrap,
and I promise
this post sounds like crap.


This feeble attempt at poetry was caused by 
Suzanne, COLORADOLADY, who mentioned
and I watched and can tell you honestly, 
Dr. Seuss and blogging is a dangerous combination. 

 For Vintage Thingy Thursday I'm going with
vintage Christmas Music.

I could listen to Christmas music all year long.  I sang Christmas carols and songs to my babies when I got tired of lullabies  - I could only remember the first verse of most lullabies and my babies never were asleep after one verse... or one song.  

These days I try to wait and only listen during Advent (maybe a week or so before) until about the first week of January.  With the events of the last  few weeks I'm off to a slow start and just started listening on Tuesday. 

Once the music starts I get in the mood to clean the house and decorate for Christmas. I figure anything that can make me want to clean house is truly amazing and (maybe) even a miracle...



Queenie said...

What a fun post...glad the Christmas music got you does me too...I just love it and I especially love the oldie Christmas music too :) I hope you have a wonderful and fun holiday season!
Big hugs,

The French Hutch said...

This is such a fact of life day, preparing to do your Christmas decorating cleaning house. We all do it, and I do just like you with the Christmas music. I can't wait to see your decorations. Enjoy your weekend.

The French Hutch

LV said...

At least, you and I had the same theme in mind for today. Mine is music as well.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

You totally had me laughing with this post!!

Betty Lou said...

Love your little poem. You are still way ahead of me, we arrive home today after a long Thanksgiving trip. Will need the help of Santa's elves this next week to get things going for Christmas. I will be so glad to get back to Texas!!!!!!

Lynn at Cottage and Creek said...

Love your little ditty! I'm a lover of rhyme and reason and applaud your attempt to prepare for the season! (See, it's contagious!) Lol! Have a wonderful day and keep singin'.

TexWisGirl said...

your poem made me laugh! good luck with the decorations!

Ann said...

Awesome poem. I love White Christmas. I sing that to myself year-round. Silly me. Happy holidays. Thanks for visiting.

Nani said...

Hehehe..I like your poem! I write verse for fun and poetry has to rhyme for me and I prefer if I don't have to think about it for more than a minute to know why it was written. I'm just not a real poetry fan. (Although I write it enough!)

I used to sing Away In A Manger to my nieces as a lullaby. All three verses, it makes such an awesome lullaby! They are 17 now and when we talked about it last year, one of them smiled and said, "so THAT'S why Away In A Manger always makes me sleepy!"

Robynne's Nest said...

Hey there, I'm into bad poetry too...although I think that was pretty good. I've found myself recently making up poems for a few close girlfriends as they turned seems to come together really well, but I'm sure Shakespeare or Burns or even Banjo Patterson would be turning in their graves!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm glad you enjoyed my little tour of London. Robx

Mary said...

Hey, that's pretty good least I could understand it ;) Not like that deep stuff that intellectuals feign to understand. I do love Christmas musica, too. I was listening to Josh Groban's Xmas cd from a couple years ago and groovin' to it. Love that boy.
p.s. we don't have our tree up yet, either. I did manage to get a vintage Xmas tablecloth on the table last night

Dixie said...

You sound about as motivated as I do! I'm trying to recoup from my cold and stay warm from the wintery rain outside!

Maybe next week huh? blessings. Dixie

Barbara said...

Too much going on to get into Christmas planning just yet though I am in the middle of making my Christmas cards and have ordered by bird, free range and organic. Have bought the Grand childrens presents too.