Thursday, December 29, 2011

For the Sake of Auld Lang Syne

Last post for the year 2011.  I've been doing a bit of housecleaning today and listening to DIE TOTEN HOSEN's very upbeat version of the song Auld Lang Syne.  I like easing myself into the new year, no sense waiting until the last minute.

This afternoon is my calendar day. I've gathered my calendars, including my phone (hopefully the little alarm will keep me on track this year!), and now I'm transferring birthday reminders, dentist appointments, and other wild and crazy activities I've already signed up for, and I'm making plans for 2012.

The human heart may plan a course, but it is Yahweh who makes the steps secure.
Proverbs 16.9 (NJB)

If I can remember to treat each day as a gift and just enjoy and graciously accept them as they come, maybe I can make my part of the world a little better.  I plan to try new nail polishes, moisturize more often, and a thousand other things.  That's what's so great about a new year!  It's a starting point to begin again, to try new things, to remind ourselves to just live.

Also, I plan to finish projects, start new ones, and read about your adventures - which gives me a chance to see our world in hundreds of different ways.  Thanks for making life so interesting and giving me great ideas - I'll try to remember to give each of you credit when I use your creativity.  (Feel free to call me on it if I fail to do this.)  I'm looking forward to learning what's at the top of your "To Do List" for 2012.

This time of year gives us all a chance to recall the past year - good, bad and wonderful - for the sake of auld lang syne?  Or maybe it's a chance to give thanks for all we have come through and all we have been given.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful and blessed 2012.  Thanks for joining me on my adventures, see you next year!



Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Thanks for visiting today. Still working on the 'repair', so far have the drywall patch nailed/screwed on, the large 'removed' cupboard taken apart and ready for a dump run (kept the real wood though) and swept up another mess.
My main thoughts for 2012 - organizing. I wrote a long post about how but then deleted it, too personal I guess.

Happy New Year to you. Loved reading your posts this year.

rubyslipperz said...

I love all of your thoughtful words...
The new year is always a feeling of gladness for me. I get to learn from the mistakes and try to do better looking forward. It's been fun getting to know you thru your blog =)


Flora said...

Happy New Year!!

Tiff said...

I wish you an incredibly happy start to 2011! I also have lots of big plans for the new year and will enjoy sharing your experiences too! Cheers to the new year! X

YONKS said...

CJ, Your attitude towards the new year is so optimistic and "right"! I love the story of your dad. I am sure it has been a tough year for you and as you say, all life comes to an end. We must make the most of every day and live it as if it's the last!
Warmest wishes and love to you, and I hope your 2012 is everything you would wish for.

Claudia said...

Treating each day as a gift seems like perfect advice for the year to come. Happy New Year!