Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Something New for the New Year

My resolution for this year:  Drink more water.

That's it. My one big change for the year.  Suzanne at ColoradoLady is starting a new Tuesday series "Tell Me Tuesday" and today she's asked the question:


Number one for me is drink more water.  I sometimes get to the end of the day and think, "I'm thirsty."  Sure, I try to catch up on a day's worth of water in those last few hours before I head off to bed, but that's not an ideal solution.  So I am looking for ways to drink water through out the day. 

Oh, Suzanne, how can I have just one main goal?  Maybe next week I can just write about one thing but honestly, there's another thing or two I need to do.  Like exercise regularly.  And .....(how can I tell you this?!)....

I am also going to limit my blogging time.  I have to, you all are good - and good to me.  I could get lost in this fun little adventure called blogging. 

I've been entertained and inspired. Sometime last week I saw beautiful mercury glass candle holders, candles, and Epsom salt and loved that look.  Thanks to Dixie at French Lique.  My own version of this is a candle in a jelly jar with kosher salt - and quite REDNECK now that I see it in a picture. 

The salt looks a bit like snow and in this jar the candle seems brighter.
This is no where near Dixie's beautiful candles, but still it gives me warmth and comfort.

In December, I won some fabric by participating in the "Occupy Your Quilt Room" event.  Thank you Barbara at Cat Patches - I won second place - the Moda Little Apples Charm pack.  Not only does Barbara inspire me to quilt, she also gives me fabric!

Thank you, Barbara!

Blogging is like treasure hunting.  I discovered Cat Patches "Occupy Your Quilt Room" contest on the blog Count it *all* JOY!   Now I'm getting to know Denise, inspiring quilter and blogger.  The night I entered the contest something inside me said "if you win anything - share with her."  So when I learned of my win, I contacted her and  explained that we were in this together.  So Denise and I are sharing this one.  She came up with the Pattern - (Little Bluebell: Pillow Talk Swap 6) and our completion date is the first week of March 2012.

And where did I first see Count it *all* JOY?  I don't remember.  I guess she left a comment on a blog I read and I saw the word JOY and had to check it out. 

I do know that all of this started with  ColoradoLady - Suzanne has a little bit of everything on her blog.   She has her vintage link party on Thursdays - see button on the right (the one with the little bird) - maybe that's what got me following all these other blogs.

Now I have to set a timer so I don't spend too much time blogging, because there's lots of stuff I want to do. I see blogging as a good thing, and I'm only spending an hour or so doing this every day. But that adds up, and I have to ask myself WHAT'S THE BEST USE OF MY TIME RIGHT NOW? So YOU tell me:  How do you find the time to blog and live?

And, for the record, how did I learn about Suzanne's blog?  From my friend, Patti - no link - Patti's a friend in the real world.  She's into all kinds of clever, fun, inspiring stuff.  One day Patti was walking with me and talking about our friend, Suzanne, and when she got home she sent me a link ....  And since then I don't think I've walked with Patti one day.  How horrible is that?  So add exercise with a friend at least once a week to that list of things I'm going to do in the next six months.



TexWisGirl said...

first of all, make sure as soon as you get up and head to the kitchen for your morning coffee or tea or whatever, you stop and pour yourself a big glass of water from a container in the fridge. drink that down, THEN make the coffee... helps to start rehydrating after sleeping all night. :)

good luck limiting blogging! ha ha ha ha ha! (i can't do it!)

Goldie said...

Just have a big glass of ice water always poured, and try not to keep the other things in your household! While it is hard you can do it! I always take a big glass of water to bed with me, and what i dont finish throughout the night i drink before i put the cup in the sink!

Pattie @ On Hollyhock Farm said...

I am drinking one as we speak! And I drink some before bed but then I have to go in the middle of the nite! Oh well, gotta take the good with the bad! 8^)

Coloradolady said...

Everyone you touched on is the same here. Hard to get it all in and I don't drink water for the most part. I like flavor!! But...starting in the morning...I will be doing the water and no soda from here on out. Oh. My. I am not looking forward to that!! Blogging takes up a lot of time, but then add facebook, pinterest etc....way too much. I am going to stay off facebook for a while. It really does not do much for me so I can let that go without really feeling like I am missing something. It is not nearly as enjoyable as I spend the time thinking it might be!!

Thanks for linking in.....hope you stick it out each week......

Coloradolady said...

* should have been every one...not "everyone" see what I mean.......is there help?

Chy said...

Thanks for posting this. I joined in. Should be fun!

I am terrible for drinking water because I hate the taste or lack of taste. I now drink water with lemon crystals and it's a lot easier to swallow. We're getting a water cooler once our kitchen is reno'd and I think cold, cold, cold water will help as well. Good luck with your goal. It's a good one!


Flora said...

You know...I find it hard to find time too blog...some times are harder than others...I just do it when I can!

rubyslipperz said...

I drink at least 8oz a few minutes before bed. I need to try to drink before my morning coffee/protein drink.

This topic is a good reminder for me! I remember when I filled a tall tupperware lidded cup w/straw...full of water (and a teensy bit of OJ).
I'd carry it around the house and it would be easier to drink more water.

Okay...more water for me!...starting tommorrow am!


patti.k said...

My massage therapist, gave me a hint for drinking water. She starts with a 16 oz. glass of water and sips it as she goes about her day. At 10:00 a.m., if she is not through with it, she just drinks the rest down and refills the glass. She sips until noon, and then downs whatever is left. And, she does the same until 2:00 and then 4:00. By then, she has had her 64 oz. I like that walk with a friend thing. :~)

Doni said...

If we all just sat at the computer blogging, and making ourselves drink water at the same time...then for each comment we post take a swig, each time we click that mouse, swig, each time we go to a new blog to check it out...SWIG...then we'd be in the bathroom and we'd have empty glasses of water. But best of all, we wouldn't have to lessen the time we spend blogging! Maybe we can start a challenge to ONLY blog if we SWIG water at each of these times!!! HA! I'll go first!!
Blessings, Doni
AND by the way dear...your comment on my blog just made my day!

Denise :) said...

I need to up my water intake drastically. This sounds horrible, but after the surgery, it took such effort to get up and get to the restroom, that I essentially cut my drinking (of anything) down to one cup of coffee/tea and enough liquid to get pain pills down. It's not so bad now, but the liquid intake hasn't increased yet. Thank you for the reminder I need to work on that!! And I'm looking forward to our pillow reveal!! Yay!! :)