Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Still Life

My mom's home is out in the country.  It is a beautiful place, with lots of trees, flowers all around the house and bird feeders tucked here and there.  In the summer it's even fun to do the dishes because you get to stand there at the window and watch the hummingbirds - they seem to spend more time fighting over who gets to eat than eating - they are so tiny and gorgeous.

In the winter visiting the feeders shifts to a frenzied pace.  Birds vying for the best seeds try to eat as much as they can before they slip off into the woods to wherever it is they call home this time of year.

Mom took this picture through the window with her cell phone.

This poor little one darted in for a quick meal and hit one of Mom's dining room windows.  He was gently picked up off the snowy deck and carefully placed in the flower pot in hope that he would recover.  He sat there a long time.  Eventually he shook himself off and flew away.

Whatever is coming at you this week I hope and pray you can shake it off and keep going.



Jenny Schouten Short said...

I hope he makes it. I'm trying to shake off something, too. Thanks. xo Jenny

TexWisGirl said...

glad he made it! makes for a lovely photo!

Denise :) said...

We have that happen on a regular basis ... sparrows and goldfinches are the typical victims, but occasionally, if a hawks dives down, a dove will hit. I'm always completely startled by it, and rarely does the hit result in a fatality (unless the hawk is successful)! :)

rubyslipperz said...

Such a great pic of a wonderful colored bird.

Thank you for your great words of hope!


Flora said...

What a great picture!!

Mary said...

When I leave the front door open birds often fly into my glass storm door - I think because my back windows onto the garden reflect and they think they can just fly through! I always feel so bad when I hear the thud - but fortunately they always pick themselves up, shake themselves off, and fly on their way!

Mary X

Barbara said...

How beautiful, I guess it is a Red Cardinal which we don't have here.

Rebecca said...

What a great story! I've had a very difficult first 3 days and I'm hoping that God will pick me up and I can shake it off and go on! Thanks!