Thursday, January 5, 2012

Empty Bowls

Next week on Thursday, January 12th, this bowl will be going with me to my favorite local pottery studio, Hart Street Pottery.  I will use it as inspiration for at least one of the bowls I plan to paint. 

I know this will work because in the past I have used other vintage bowls and plates and even a picture or two cut from a magazine for my inspiration.

That's how this:

Became this:
Artist:  cJOY

I have all kinds of plans and never know what I will get done, but I always know that my mom will love them.

Artist:  cJOY

The great thing about this is you can come, too. 

We would love to have you join us.  Sure it might be a bit hard for those of you in Alabama, Utah, Wales, or New Zealand - but if you are in the Metroplex you are welcome to come join the party.  The directions are here and for more information check out the Hart Street Pottery webpage .  Also, click on the HSP Calendar and scroll down to the Empty Bowls section to learn everything there is to know about this event in Fort Worth. 

Janet Rodriguez,  the owner of Hart Street, is wonderful. On the second Thursday of each month she hosts an Empty Bowls Paint Day for artists, and want-to-be artists like me, to gather at her studio and paint bisque bowls. Most of us bring plans and drawings and a few bring their own brushes and we work and visit from 10 in the morning until 6 in that evening.  Some work an hour or two, some work all day.  The results range from Totally Amazing to How Cute to I Wish I Could Do That. 

Artist:  PAULA

Artist:  GLENDA

Artist:  AMY

Artist:  HOLLY

Artist:  JOHN

Artist:  RITA

Artist:  JANET

Generous donors have bought the paint and there are paint brushes just waiting for a bowl painter/artist like you to show up and join us.  The bowls stay at Hart Street where they are glazed and fired and made ready for their big day.   The $3 donation to offset the cost of each bowl will be waived for the first bowl of all new artists who mention my blog on Thursday.  Leave a comment below and show up next Thursday and I'll pay for your first two bowls.

It's creativity for a wonderful cause. We are using our talents to feed the hungry. This link will explain how all this got started and show you other Empty Bowls events around the country - there could be one near you.

If you will be in the Fort Worth-Dallas area on February 17th, and you are in the mood for some wonderful food and amazing art work, get your ticket now (all tickets must be bought in advance) and attend this year's Empty Bowls Event.   Then one of these beauties could go home with you.



LV said...

My word, what a talented lady you are. Your work is absolutely stunning. Love all the pieces you shared today.

Flora said...

Beautiful should see some of mine...LOL!! I am not a painter....

Jeanne said...

Dear C Joy, your post is awesome. The bowls are gorgeous. I love them all. The reason behind this project is wonderful. I am so happy I came over to meet you today.

Thank you for your visit and sweet comment on my post.
xo, Jeanne

Antiques And Teacups said...

Wonderful bowls! You are so talented! Definitely one of a kind treasures! Thanks for visiting!

The French Hutch said...

Oh Wow, I can say if I were in your area I would be there. I love this creative painting. Your photographs show just how beautiful the finished product can be. Sadly, I'm in a location you mentioned and a little to far for class.
Hope your Christmas was wonderful and you have the best in the New Year!

The French Hutch

KathyB. said...

Wow! Your bowl is stunning, you are very talented. It looks like you paint with a lot of creative and talented people, and what a good and worthy cause. May your bowls overflow with joy & happiness as you paint for others. Looks like fun and if I lived much closer I would try to be there too.

Rebecca said...

What a talent!!! Wish I could paint! What a great cause too-how wonderful!

Denise :) said...

Oh! I love these bowls -- what fun! Rather makes me wish I was *not* in Alabama and a lot closer so I could join in the fun! I love your purple flower (and the bowl that inspired it, as well) -- I'm a purple-loving gal. I also am really taken with the autumn leaf bowl! These are gorgeous! :)

YONKS said...

How wonderful! I will be there is spirit, all the way from Wales :-)

Enjoy your day!

Michelle said...

What a great idea, using the old bowls to inspire your new ones!

Tiff said...

What a pity I am so far away, I would love to come along, those bowls look amazing! I love your painting, the colour and designs are fantastic! Hope you have a successful day, it is for such a good cause! X

Mary said...

Hey, shoulda jumped on that plane with the DH yesterday (funny our better/other halves might have passed in flight!) and joined you at the studio. What beautiful bowls - yours are definitely keepers, a lot of talent here C. Joy.

Thanks for all the recent comments - I've been slow catching up since getting home, but trying best I can! I just have so much beauty to share from SE Asia, lots more posts coming - plus I still have to finish the expedition cruise and Australia posts yet - I need more hours in my day!

Hugs from sunny (today) NC.
Mary X