Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I'm playing with my blog.  What else can I do?  My knee is swollen and I am following doctor's orders.  As I sit here with my knee elevated and iced, I am watching dust bunnies dance across the floor.  Weeds are growing outside my door.  Ironing is piling up - yes, I iron.  I enjoy the work, I could almost wax poetic about it.

Bright spot:  Joy at A Vintage Green is a great blog for learning something new.  She does bits and pieces here and there and before you know it you're smarter than you used to be.  She's been teaching us how to use iPiccy and I am learning the basics of collage design.  Look!  I have more than one picture on my header. 

Baby is home for the summer.  It's our last summer together, he'll graduate next year and get on with his life.  I want us all to have happy memories of this time so I'm bringing back a few recipes that I used to make when he was young.  These biscuits were a favorite. 

I really like cooking with my cast iron skillet. 
Many thanks to Jane for my new trivet.

Recipe:  Sausage Biscuits

Mix up a batch of biscuits (I use a baking mix - you can do yours from scratch if you want to) and add a tablespoon (more or less) of precooked ground sausage for each biscuit you want to make, add one or two minutes to the cooking time.  I was in a hurry so wet my hands, picked up a tennis ball size portion of batter and shaped each biscuit. Please note:  I made two plain biscuits then added the sausage to the rest of the batter.  These are easy because I keep precooked sausage and bacon in my freezer.  You can use grated cheese instead of sausage.

What's your favorite breakfast?



Jan said...

Joy, Your blog looks beautiful! I am so sorry to hear that your knee is still bad. I hope that you get better real soon. Those biscuits look and sound delicious!!!


Robin Larkspur said...

Not good times for you! Keep your chin up (as well as your knee). love your header! I think these biscuits would be a big hit at our house too.

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Sorry you have a bum knee. Did you put the lid on the pan after youput the dough in it? How long did you cook them? I love those biscuits. xo Jenny

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Your header is lovely. Thanks for the hello. Knees are so necessary for almost everything so take good care of you!

Mary said...

Sorry you are still incapacitated dear - hang in there though, brighter days ahead if you do as you're told now! It's really frustrating when we're 'down', each day is so precious and we want to get on with life, not waste the time.

Love the new banner!
I'm in the NC mountains for a few days and meeting some blogging gals, always fun.

Be well hugs - Mary

Denise :) said...

Loving your birdie background! What kind of dancing do your dust bunnies dance? The foxtrot or perhaps a nice waltz? Or are they contemporary dust bunnies doing a little disco?! Enjoy your summer ... those biscuits look marvelous! :)