Tuesday, June 19, 2012

put a smile on it

This week is not going according to my plans - in fact, this morning I chucked all my plans and I'm considering just making one long TO DO list - I can already see the title I'll get to it when I get to it - oops! there I go planning again.

We have bought a new freezer, but it wasn't in stock and it will not be delivered until next Monday.

I'm happy to report my 'replacement' bird feeder is still in great shape, built really strong I don't think I have to worry about the neighborhood squirrels destroying this one. Why would they? It can hold up to four at a time...

My birder is a squirrel meeting place. There are three in the picture.

This week my iron has quit working. Yes, I iron, especially when I quilt/sew. So I'm off to read Consumer Reports and figure out which is the best iron. Any suggestions?

Wait a minute! I've got to stop complaining, let sleeping dogs lie, and enjoy this time.  It's summer, that wonderful 'take it easy' time of year when we let go of our stresses, party with the people we love - who love us! - a time to just forget our cares and relax with a tall lemonade - bring me one, and please, put some gin in it.

Happy Longest Day of the Year!



TexWisGirl said...

now take that drink, head out to the yard and watch those squirrels party! :)

Jan said...

I'll have one with you, Joy! Please just make mine plain ol' lemonade :) We have tons of squirrels around here and we are constantly refilling all of our four bird feeders...I hope the birds are getting some of that seed :)

Hope things settle down soon for you.

Big Hugs,

Robin Larkspur said...

squirrel wars!! we have the same problem plus those big grackles. They chase the little birds away. Frustrating.
I hate ironing, so can not make any kind of suggestion!!
Happy Solstice!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I didn't think you were complaining, for even when you pointed out the uglies you did it with grace, humor and a sense of "that's life."

You have squirrels destroying your bird feeder, I have birds that ignore the feeder and prefer to nibble on my garden *sigh*

I'm putting a smile on it ;-)