Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Under the Knife

After a couple of months of going round and round - with MRIs and x-rays and doctor visits - it has been determined that I require a bit a surgery.  One bright sunny morning this week my right knee will be 'scoped' and I will be sent home later that day on the road to recovery... with no shower (for three days) or driving (for at least a week) or dirty martinis (until I'm off all meds)... yuk...      

To make matters worse, my surgeon is just a doctor not The Doctor - no British accent, no sonic screw driver....


It is out of kindness that I have decided to refrain from posting at least for a few days - you've all been so nice to me, why should I blow it by trying to write a blog while on pain medication?  You know how it is when you are hurting - things can get blown out of proportion so easily.  Someone you like ignores you (for reasons unknown to you -  maybe she's just a selfish cow and you never saw that? or maybe she's got a life and she's busy with that - who knows?)...  Then there's Politics and Texas Ranger Baseball  ... don't get me started, I can not be on drugs and follow politics.  However, there are weeks when I could use 'a little something' to watch my Rangers.

So to keep things straight I'm taking a week or two off and I am going to concentrate on healing.  I will be following your adventures and wishing I was there.



Robin Larkspur said...

Oh, Joy, very good luck with the surgery, I hope it will solve the problem. I am sending you lots of warm thoughts and positive energy that all will go well with surgery and recovery. Keep your chin up throughout!! Hugs!!!

Jan said...

Joy, wishing you a fast recovery so that you can shower, drive and drink Martinis again soon!!!

Great Big Hugs,

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh I hope all goes well. Good luck with the surgery.

TexWisGirl said...

oh lordy! good luck with the knee! and the pain meds! and the no drinking. ha ha! :)

oldgreymare said...

I've had complete miniscus clean out and ligament reconstruction with both knees and am doing fine over 7 years later. I have to be careful but all in all so much better than before..so here's wishing you the same speedy recovery and may I add..do the therapy as directed and as many reps as they say..I recovered soooo much faster than all the people there on my therapy days cause they all hated to do it and so didn't do it.... I did it religiously at home too. :D
Be well soon <3

catmint said...

dear Joy, you poor darling, what can I say? I've been there so recently. It's a frustrating place, but you 're armed with your funky sense of humour to get you through. And I'm very relieved to hear your doctor is a doctor and not the doctor. Somehow I think a scalpel will be more use to you than a sonic screwdriver! cheers, catmint

Claudia said...

I hope you're feeling much better by this point! Sorry you had to have surgery but if it helps you in the long run, then that's good.