Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm working on it...

To the many bloggers who post every day - CHEERS!

Me?  I'm in the middle of a cleaning marathon that ends with Christmas all over the house and cookies in the oven.  Also, I did get an iPhone so I'm somewhere in the learning curve trying to figure out how and when I turned the volume off - sorry about all those missed calls...

Today I am celebrating something big in my life.  It has been one year, one week, and a day since I colored my hair. 

Some day soon I will update my profile picture.

Life is good.  Really and truly one of the best things I've done for myself this past year is not put color on my hair.  It was almost a two year process.  The first year I changed over to temporary (28 day) color and every few months I bought a lighter shade.

Then I just quit coloring my hair and - although I can't figure out what I've done with the extra time and money - I can tell you I feel better.  I know, I know, the commercials will tell you that my life is flat and boring and my hair is wimpy.  But I will tell you I'm smart enough to not be bored and a good hair cut (thank you, Jessica!) can keep just about any body's hair from being wimpy.

Unfortunately, this change has not made me smarter - I had to take several pictures before I figured out I needed to "look up" when I pushed the little button.

Next week I'll work on taking better pictures.



TexWisGirl said...

oh, i LIKE it!!! i love silver/gray/white hair! truly like it!!!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I was so glad when I stopped coloring. I had reached as far as I would in my job and was the oldest so I just stopped. Love your hair natural.

Robin Larkspur said...

Joy, your hair is beautiful! It fits you to a tee! I love the cut, too, but the color is amazing. So great you have joined us Natural Wonders!! I stopped coloring my hair at least 5 years ago, maybe longer, not sure. Anyway, you look fantastic, and I love your photos! Thanks so much for sharing!!!! Robin

HolleyGarden said...

It looks great! And I liked reading your process of going lighter and lighter, until you just quit. I've often wondered about a "break line" showing! I would probably quit dying my hair but I don't think my husband is on board just yet. As he gets older and more blind, I think I'll be able to do it without him even noticing! hahahahaha (that's a evil laugh!)

Mary said...

I wish I was brave like you! I've had my hair colored/cut every 5 weeks for so long - but I know from the roots I must be totally grey now. I often think of going natural but my hair stylist says "no way".............wonder why?????
It's expensive to keep up but I do like my hair to look good, and because it's getting thinner now adding color helps with texture/body.

Some day perhaps I'll do what you have done - it's looking fabulous like that - you are lovely.

Hugs - Mary

rubyslipperz said...

I dunno if I will ever stop coloring my hair. I think I want to go to my grave in red hair. =P

You make me laugh out loud with your new phone and taking pictures. I LUV-LUV my iPhone. I might take that to my grave too...or they will have to pry it from my stiff fingers.!!