Friday, November 16, 2012

Waiting for My Crown...

You know that gas the dentist gives you, before he gives you a shot so you won't feel the really big shot he's going to give you, so he can work on your tooth, so that next week he can yank off the temporary crown he's putting on today, and permanently attached your "crown?"  Well, let me tell you, it has worn off...  the gas is gone.  At this moment I do not feel like laughing.  I think the feeling is coming back to my right ear now...  While I wait for my body to come back online, I can't help but feel out of sorts. 

So I'm just moping this evening.

Of course, when you're not up to working you can not help but notice everything that needs doing. 

Bless my cozy, cluttered kitchen - 

The hutch in the breakfast room has caught as much junk as I can stand.  So when I finish typing I plan to start thinking about dusting and then I'll put on her winter look. 


But not tonight, I've been to the dentist, and tonight, I'm moping.



TexWisGirl said...

a big 'ouch!'

YONKS said...

Oh no! Have a good stiff one - drink that is :-)

Joolz said...

Ooh, I hate the dentist too! I hate the feeling as the needle is wearing off.
I cracked a crown a while back and instead of having a new one (porcelain)for $1000, I had opted for a stainless steel one for $250. So far, so good. It won't last as many years as a proper one but it's doing the job and I got to keep my $$!

The last time I had a big injection, I was numb up to my eye and it felt horrible as it was wearing off. Yerk!

Cheers - Joolz

HolleyGarden said...

Hope you're feeling better today. But you are so right - it's the times I really can't do anything, that's when I notice so much that needs to be done. When I'm well enough to do those things, they don't seem to bother me so much! ;)

debbie said...

Are those Longhorn drawer handles in that picture? Made me a bit homesick there for a sec :) debbie