Monday, December 31, 2012

Quilting with Joy

I took on a unique quilting project last year when I won a contest on  Barbara's blog, Cat Patches.   The moment that I entered the contest I had the thought "if I win I'll share the prize with the blogger that told me about the contest."  So when I won a stack of fabric, I contacted Denise at Count It All Joy and told her she had also won.  I sent her half the fabric and she picked out a pattern for us to use.  I had plans for this little project to be finished by March 2012 so that I would have a 'ready made' post for you.

Life got busy, almost to the point of overwhelming, and my sewing machine made two unexpected trips to the repair shop.  I made it through all this and I am proud to announce that I have (at last) finished my block.  That's right, we were making just a simple block...  Here's the pattern by Adrianne at Little Bluebell with its own little story.  The original was a little pillow.  What did Denise make?  Here it is (along with her adventure in making this little gem). 

What did Joy do?  I promise I started off thinking 'little pillow' - something to give a friend who likes to read in bed so she could prop up her book.  But as I played with the fabric something else came to mind, as you can see in this post from July.  If I bought just a couple of yards of fabric I could make a blanket.  Off I went in search of more of the MODA 'little apples' fabric.  (This was the year I learned that fabric lines can come and go quickly.)  All I could find was a few fat quarters of the printed white, a few more of the gray fabrics, and less than three yards of the green. 

This "Mommie Blanket" is for Allison, a new friend of mine.  She recently had her second baby - two under three.  I figure if anyone could use a blankie it would be this sweet (and brave!) young woman.

My 'little pillow.'

Here is it, almost the end of the year, and I have finally finished this little quilt. Many thanks to Denise, Barbara, and Adrianne. 

Cute Fabric - Love the Squirrels!
I learned a few more things working on this little project. Like "share your joy" and "there's no job that can't be put off" and, my favorite, "be nice to strangers - that's how we make friends."

Happy New Year !




TexWisGirl said...


the squirrels made me smile, too.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You couldn't have shared an experience with nicer people - Barbara and Denise.

Denise :) said...

Joy, this is such a darling little quilt and I know it will make its new owner very happy! Thank you again for sharing with me ... this was a fun experience and I do love that our 'swoons' are the same and yet are definitely different with their own personality!! Hugs!! :)

Karen O said...

Very cute! I love the green. I also agree with Sharon. She, Barbara, and Denise are 3 of my favorite bloggers. :)

HolleyGarden said...

Great lessons! Your little quilt is adorable, and I love that you are giving it to a young mother. She will cherish it forever. Happy New Year!

Robin Larkspur said...

Hi Joy, here I am, late, but most sincere in my wishes for a very happy healthy fabulous 2013. I adore the fabric you used for this sweet quilt. You, my dear, are so talented. I know that for a fact, as I have one of your beautifully hand made aprons, which, I'll have you know I am still wearing. Halloween spirit lives throughout the year!!
Love and hugs from Robin.

Jenny Short said...

Joy, I'm missing your posts. Where have you been? xo Jenny