Friday, August 2, 2013

Visiting Blogs

August - 100F days, 80F nights... ugh. These are the days when I question why I live in Fort Worth, Texas... With this heat it makes sense to stay inside and read blogs,  drink glasses of iced tea, and pay a little more attention to my own blog.

This is one of my favorites - day lilies
from my mom's garden - thriving in the Texas heat.

I find myself dreaming of travel and I like to check out bloggers who are enjoying a summer with warm sunshine-y days and cool nights. Jane, at Marigold Jam, makes life in England sound so tempting. 

Jen, in Canada, captures beautiful pictures and weaves stories around them in her blog Muddy Boot Dreams.  Her post on Wednesday reminds me that while I may picture Canada as all hockey and snow, they have their own summer heat, drought, and beautiful flowers.

The heat seems to make the day lilies happy.
I'm here in Fort Worth, trying to find ways to beat the heat but thankful for my friends and neighbors. Besides, Mr. J&C loves Texas and I love him - so here I stay.

While I complain about the heat, I must admit I am proud of my adopted home state and follow several (many) Texas bloggers.

There's a Jane in Fort Worth, at New Dog Learns Old Tricks.  Her adventure in June with yarn was an example of friendship, recycling, and talent - love the way she put the old squares together with multicolored new yarn.

And Theresa, with her Run A Round Ranch Report, makes life in the heat of Texas look so cool. Love her pictures and stories - especially the dogs and ducks... and horses, turtles, wild birds, barns...

Thanks, Mom!

And then there's Jenny, at Two Tumbleweeds, exploring all things Dutch in the summer - she seems to have the best of both worlds - living in Holland in the summer and returning home to Fort Worth each winter. 

Thanks to all of you who entertain and inform and, even in this heat wave, make me smile.



marigold jam said...

Glad you enjoy what I show. I would not be able to cope with your temperatures I know - we had 40 degrees (104) in France one time and I thought I'd die! We Brits complain about our lack of heat and sunshine some years but I must admit I prefer it to being too hot! Thanks for the links to other interesting blogs too.

TexWisGirl said...

thanks for the mention! :) (as i sit here INSIDE my gazebo house, perspiring as i drink my coffee this morning! 102 expected today...) *sigh*

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Aw thanks for saying such nice things about me, and my blog...I'm flattered.

We live in the Okanagan, which is one of the hottest parts of Canada, lol...obviously not like Texas, but no cool nights here.

Thanks for introducing us to some new bloggers, it's always interesting to find new blogs to read.

Stay cool.


LANA said...

Hot as blazes here in Florida, too. We still have our outside chores, but we pace ourselves and only do a little at a time, and take many, many breaks in the A/C inside. Love the flowers!

Linda said...

You have a very nice blog. Your photos are lovely.

catmint said...

thanks for sharing garden blogs - hope it cools down soon. cheers, cm

Kathy Bradshaw said...

Hi there, hot in Austin too. LOL Just wanted to extend a special invitation for you to come over to join my new blog home. I have appreciated that you follow my BlogSpot home but I moved and will be having some exciting giveaways in the coming months. Would love to have you join in on those. Sincerely, Kathy Bradshaw Stay Cool!

Jenny Short said...

I was surprised to see my name in your blog. Thanks for including me. I do wish I could send some cold air your way. I know how hot it gets in Texas. Now that I'm in Holland for the season I appreciate my two worlds. Miss Texas, though. xo Jenny

YONKS said...

I'm so glad it's starting to cool Joy! I'm sleeping much better, not waking in a pool of sweat. It's UGLY!