Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brain Trust

I have been a little slow in discovering the world of blogging.  Like CDs and DVDs, I thought this was just a fad and nothing was happening here that I would find interesting.  I was wrong, again.  Now I'm having to set the kitchen timer to remind myself to get busy in the real world and stop blogging - which for me is a bit of writing about my adventures and lots of reading about your adventures. 

My husband asked me if my blog was all real or was it more like that Christmas movie I sometimes make him watch.  Have you seen "Christmas in Connecticut" from 1945 - starring Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan?

Photo from http://www.imdb.com/media/rm4263680256/tt0037595

It's the house and how it's decorated, and the clothes Ms. Stanwyck wears, that capture my imagination, but the storyline is as current as today.  Someone making a living on pictures and stories of a beautiful, but imaginary, life.

I assured my husband my blog is real, he even gets a copy emailed to him so he can follow along.  I also explained to him that some of the blogs I follow have inspired me to change things in our home  (guest room coming along nicely, plus organizing and painting the garage, and I now do a much better job of dusting - just in case I decide to take a picture or two around the house). 

To all of you telling real life stories, sharing your adventures with me (and, my favorite, commenting on my blog and emailing me) I just want to say 'THANK YOU.'   You give me a taste of life in other parts of the world, make me feel like we're all in this together, and remind me that life is what you make it.  Some of you make life wonderful with stories and pictures, some of you are teaching me something every time I visit your site, and some of you are, let's be honest, nothing but house porn.  (I discussed my slight addiction to house porn on June 14, I may have to expand my definition to include garden porn.)

I recently discovered a blog that could change my life (well, it might cause me to stop cleaning altogether and just stare at beautiful houses all day long).  I've even gone so far as to add her button (Hooked on Houses) to my blog.  If you already know about this site be proud of me, I found it on my own when I was looking for a picture of one the houses from the movie "The Holiday."  Once you've looked at her wonderful site - with pictures of beautiful houses, houses currently for sale, and houses from movies and TV - please visit with me again and tell me what you think. 


P.S.  Please note:  I received no compensation for sharing this information with you, I just like to look at houses.  Also, I couldn't figure out how to put her blog in the "blogs I follow" section - so the button seemed the best way for me to keep up with another favorite.  Face it, I know enough about computers and blogging to be dangerous - but only to myself (I'll be careful).  I've learned so much from you, but I still have a lot to learn.  Thanks for stopping by.   

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YONKS said...

Hey girlfriend,
I will have to check out hooked on houses. I am a bit of a house voyeur myself!

I loved your post, said everything blogging means to me too. I have met such wonderful people all over the world and it is life changing.

Keep it going, I love checking in with you.
Warm Welsh wishes