Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vacation Anyone?

I never travel without my diary.  One should always have something sensational to read....  Oscar Wilde 

What does this month hold for you?  For me, travel is in my present and my future.  Not just any travel, this week I'm in New Orleans.  It's my first visit to this beautiful, dirty, charming city. 

Window Boxes

Even the down spouts are pretty. 

 I'm a big fan of functional art.

Wonder what it's like to live above the shop...

Wonder who cleans up the fertilizer...

I have this thing for doors, even doors that are under construction. There was a huge red poppy painted on the inside wall.  This looked like the beginning of a beautiful shop.

Bloom (grow) where you are planted.

I've walked around the French Quarters visiting so many wonderful shops.  Cooking and food stores, a dress shop or two, antique, art and jewelry shops have entertained me for the last few days.  And I must confess a few tourist trap/junk shops - and a nearby Walgreens - we needed Tums (way too much fried food).

Antiques de Provence is a shop I saw online and hoped someday to visit.  I got my chance this week and loved it.  The shop is great, a little above my price range, but just the chance to see these beautiful pieces made for a fun afternoon.  There were several rooms to explore and a garden (courtyard) area.

This lamp was for sale for almost $900, it was wooden and the paint finish looked more gold than silver, all the colors were kind of muddled with a bit of wood showing through here and there. Funny thing - it reminds me of a lamp I have at home, simple, wooden and painted silver for a "Star Wars" bedroom.

I enjoyed these two room, especially the matching chandeliers.

My photos are o.k., check out their website to see how beautiful everything is.

My husband is here on business so at night we've done a little sight seeing and had some great meals - lots of seafood.  A simple dessert of coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde was one of our favorite adventures. 

Delicious and hot (I can't believe this is what we had on such a hot night), the atmosphere was friendly - noisy, all kinds of people, laughter and music (a group of young men trying to become a street band).  A couple of days later I bought the beignet mix and a tin of coffee, someday at home we're going to try and recreate our adventure - when the weather is much cooler.

My favorite lunch was Caesar salad with Blackened Shrimp - it was so good and the Bloody Mary I had with it might have lived up to the restaurant's claim of "Best Bloody Marys in Town."

I found a Christmas ornament (I like to bring home an ornament from our trips and vacations) and a few Christmas gifts. 

It has been a nice break.  The afternoons have been very hot so I have had a chance to just sit and read.  It's been great fun not having to do housework.  Yes, the garden, garage, and guest room await my return.  I'll get to them, for now it is summer and we are on vacation - well, I am on vacation.  Life is good.


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