Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I love this time of year. 
Shorter days, longer nights.
Cooler winds, falling leaves. 
We have been blessed with rain and  
the earth smells wonderful. 

 The plants seem to be playing catch up,
knocking themselves out to bloom. 
My garden has a mid-May look to it. 
Daylilies and roses, blooming for all they are worth. 

They are not as tall as normal and some of the roses
don't have the usual number of petals,

but still they are doing
what they were put on this earth to do.

That's a great lesson for all of us. 

Just live.


Rebecca said...

Yes-I agree-if we could figure out what our purpose is here on earth-Nice post!!!1

YONKS said...

Morning hunny :-)
Can't believe these wonderful blooms are now coming out. It's truly wintery here today, blowing a gale and raining sideways. I might stay in bed today :-)

LV said...

I believe in living each day the best I can. Apprarantly, your lovely flowers are doing the same thing. Mine have gone to glory.

patti.k said...

I have really enjoyed seeing the Lantana blooming everywhere. It is as if the blooms were hiding, waiting until we had cooler temperature and a little rain and now they have all burst out. Just beautiful. Glad your yard has bounced back. You are right. It is a lesson for us all.

Tiff said...

Your garden looks like it is hanging onto the warmth beautifully! I have some promising blooms too (but spring ones!) and look forward to shaing some pretty flowers soon! X

Mary said...

A garden is always a work in progress and it's amazing how it never fails to surprise - things just pop up everywhere!

Love the Morning Glory clambering up the trellis. I've just cut all mine down, along with the huge tangle of Moonflowers, covering the front porch. I know they would have died with the first frost when I'm far away, so didn't want to leave a mess!

That little rose bud, as always, a sign of hope and things to come. Enjoy your garden - I am just seeing it here. Thanks for sharing Joy.

Hugs - Mary

Lounging with a Latte said...

Lovely photos! We,re the opposite here in Australia, enjoying the longer days, warmer weather and the plants rapidly growing!

Barbara said...

I am sure that I would enjoy it too in your climate. Not so much in ours though as it feels like we never really had summer this year.