Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Out and About in Fort Worth

Have you ever been to The Old Home Supply House?  It is just south of downtown Fort Worth, Texas, and it's an interesting place to spend some time.  Trust me, they have all kinds of treasures.  This is where I began my house numbers search...

Old Home Supply and then some, this is a fun visit.

Just when you think you've pegged them "old industrial stuff"

Lots of industrial stuff....

Just take a few minutes to look around the place,

really look,

and at some point

you will see the light.

If you look up you'll see lots of lights...

There's all kinds of stuff here - I like the hand painted sinks.
Check out the pink toilet, and there's a teal one -
bet you don't see those every day.

It's the old stuff that I enjoy looking at and some of it follows me home.

Too bad I'm not looking for a sink today, I like this one...

The fun part is, once you get through this building,
you've got two others to go through that are so different from this one.
Also, visit them when it's not raining - they have a garden collection...

There's lots more to see but I must stop here.

Turns out they did not have any old tile house numbers
so I leave this amazing place to go search somewhere else.

If you get a chance to visit
let me know what you think,
and if you have already discovered this unique place,
tell me,
what came home with you?

They are online:

I'm not really good with online, I like to feel the merchandise.

What's your favorite 'Old House' place to shop?




Barbara said...

Don't think I have been to this place, but have been to other interesting locations in Fort Worth.

Mary said...

Unfortunately I've only done the airport - never spent time in Fort Worth. But, if I ever get there with the chance to shop, this will be a place I would love you to take me too, ok? Love shops like this.

Off soon so will not be commenting perhaps for a while dear - I'll be thinking of you though. Hope you find the tiles.

Hugs - Mary

Coloradolady said...

I have been here and loved it. I was looking for old doors for a cabinet I was having made. I don't think we purchased any, but used what I had at home. It is fun to walk through just to look if nothing else!

Ann said...

Oh I'm lovin those green hanging industrial lamps, very cool.