Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sherry or Port

We are the proud owners of this little beauty.  A hand painted wine decanter set complete with little glasses that were also hand painted. 

As the weather starts to cool down, I like to put sherry in the decanter.  And at Christmas I like to have port in the house.  Using these glasses is a great way to have just a bit of alcohol.

We keep it on the same stand that it was kept on in my in-laws house, and they kept it on the same stand that it was on in the house my mother-in-law grew up in.  Wish I knew more about it.  When did her family use it?  What did they drink?  My husband tells me it was kept in the dining room.  Period.  No fun family stories.

In the years to come, my children will have stories to tell their children and (I hope) some of the stories will be about what we were doing when we were using "Grandma Joy's" wine decanter set.


Coloradolady said...

The colors are beautiful Joy. What a great treasure to have. Happy VTT!

LV said...

That would be pretty to sit around and just look at even if you did not use it.

A Vintage Green said...

Thanks for visiting today - painting furniture - well, pick something easy and a color you like and just 'paint'. I started with painting the walls and shelves in my booth several months ago and then a hutch/cupboard in my kitchen that I wanted to get rid of. (I kept it because it looked so great). Once it was painted, wow, I was hooked. I like chalk paint a lot but do just fine with any latex semi and satin. Tried spray paint, that is fun too (but a warm weather outside activity). I started painting walls in my house, one section at a time and I am liking that too. I use latex for easy clean up and only work on a section at a time to keep the work do-able rather than over whelming.
- Joy

Queenie said...

What a beautiful decanter set...extra special because it once belonged to your hubby's parents...I hope that as the years go by, you can make your own funny stories to go with these lovlies :)
Big hugs,

La said...

What a beautiful decanter with special family ties.