Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkins - Part I

I have been away visiting my mom the last couple of weeks. It was great. I experienced the miracle of flight - and landing. I got to visit with most of my Georgia family, got together for lunch with some of mom's friends, relaxed in the country without a computer, looked for but didn't find house numbers, enjoyed wonderful food, played lots of card games, just lived.

One Friday, Mom and I found ourselves in Calhoun, Georgia. Sweet little town, leaves just starting to turn.  Walking down Wall Street, across from the Courthouse we passed a ballet studio.  The front windows were decorated with pink netting and pink pumpkins - lots of pink pumpkins.  The biggest one looked like this...

I was reminded of the blogs I follow that love pink. 

It was there, in the mist of all my good times and happy moments, I realized I may be hooked on blogging.  I missed you all.  Could it be that in the year 2011 there's more than one way to be a friend? 

I'm now playing catch-up with my home, garden, and life.  But in the mist of wedding plans and weeding and dusting the guest room I am taking a few minutes very now and then to play catch-up with my favorite blogs.

It's good to be home.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home. It sounds like you had a wonderful time visiting with your mom. I love visiting with my family but it's always good to come back home.