Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Celebrating the New Season

Happy Summertime!  Today I'm celebrating the Summer Solstice.  I'm not talking dancing naked under the moon, although I suppose anything is possible.  I started this day giving thanks to God for the wonderful world.  My plan is to move on to dusting the part that I've been entrusted with and later on fixing a wonderful meal.

I'm looking forward to a beautiful Cosmopolitan. (I'll start with a Cosmo, I can't think of anything pink my husband drinks).  
My recipe is:

3 oz. Cranberry Juice Cocktail,
1 oz. lime juice,
1 oz. Triple Sec, 
1/2 oz. Dripping Springs Vodka
                          (yes, it's a Texas vodka)

Pour everything into a shaker, fill with ice, shake until the top of the shaker is frosty, then pour into your favorite glass (the one you keep in the freezer).

Grilled Chicken over Salad
Garlic Toast Croutons

I'll warm up the chicken (we grilled a huge batch of chicken and froze it, so it's ready we when are), put it on top of the salad and it will taste great.  And it's easy.  I'm a big fan of easy dinners, especially in the heat of the summer. 

The seasons fascinate me.  Circle of life and all that.  My husband has walked around muttering "der längste Tag" (German - "the longest day") and has now gone to work.  I'm enjoying a cup of coffee, o.k., it's my second cup.  This whole blogging world might be dangerous.  I find that I am easily influenced by beautiful pictures and clever words.  My friend, Patti, sent me a link to a cooking blog,  The Pioneer Woman


I read above article on iced coffee - I usually don't drink iced coffee (even in the heat of summer I enjoy a cup of the hot stuff) but The Pioneer Woman's coffee looks so good.  Unfortunately I don't have time to make hers, so I've settled with mine - a cup of the hot stuff - sweetened with honey and cooled by adding a little cream.

I'm new to the blogging world, think it's great!  Like getting a new magazine every morning - or once a week - or every now and then... it all depends on when my favorite Bloggers blog. 

Work continues in the garage.  I'm busy washing walls and painting.  Yesterday I patched a hole made by a Ford 150 'kissing' the wall.  Today I'll sand and paint it - and the wall will be good as new.

I got the paint for free! 

I went to our local envirnomental office and selected two almost full cans of white - one was a glossy "bright" white, the other an eggshell antique white.  Stopped by Home Depot and bought one of their orange buckets with a lid then came home and mixed my paints.  I collected all the samples I had around the house from recent  paint jobs and just mixed everything together.  I figure it's the garage, any color will do.  The samples I had were shades of gray (the living/dining room) and shades of green (I'm still looking for the right shade for our bedroom).  When I put my new, old paint on the wall it looked white to me.  I noticed when I got a bit on the ceiling (and I know the shade on the ceiling is "Ceiling White"), the wall paint isn't white.  I think I'll call it Sage Linen.
 OOPS! Don't worry, I can fix that. 

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