Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why I Blog. Chapter I. . . Part I

I've taken up blogging to avoid finishing projects.  To put my life on hold.  To have something to do that is good, but not the best use of my time.  Busy work.  Fifty years ago a person like me would have purchased a rocking chair.

Maybe I'm being a little hard on myself.  Maybe I fear finishing projects, maybe I fear finishing because they will (probably) not be perfect.   I'm not really sure if I fear or hate or love PERFECTION.  It's my ultimate fantasy, that just out of reach of mere mortals idea that if I could just get hold of it - life would be.... well, perfect.

We live in a perfect world.  I stand in line at the grocery store and glance at the covers of the magazines on sale and realize that perfect is everywhere... except where I am.  Just look at the folks on the covers, women and men, hundreds of years older than me, look like teens - without acne, of course. Why do I even bother?  I don't always wear makeup and can usually be found in jeans and tennis shoes.  Is that a glamour thing or perfection?

I have several sewing/quilting projects that are unfinished "What if they aren't perfect?"  "How dare I give an imperfect baby quilt?" 

My garden needs weeding.  "Again!?"

And would someone please tell me where the clutter comes from that is all over my house.  Is there a secret government program that I have mistakenly signed up for that comes in at night and breeds clutter, especially on the table tops and counters? 

What's up with my car?  I wash it and then before the month is out, it's has to be washed, again... 

I'm almost finished with a baby quilt I started... when did I start this?  I do know the baby is now 16 months old...  I'm still in the putting it together process.  I went with the "X" design because he was born in 2010.

I truly enjoy creating things.  Maybe it's not about perfection.  Maybe it's the whole - we're created in God's image - God creates - God's children enjoy creating.   Right now I'm creating ideas and sharing thoughts.  Maybe that's why I've taken up blogging, so I can finish a little something... maybe....

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