Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Estate Sales & Such

I would like to go to my estate sale.  No rush, sometime in the distant future.  Someday.  What would people say about the things I have surrounded myself with? 

I can't get too close or you'll see the tea stains and the scratches on my well used (and loved) treasures.

I enjoy watching PBS' Antiques Roadshow. It makes me a bit sad when an expert looks at a piece and declares it in mint condition, worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, and the owner says they'll never part with it because the whole family (or granny) loved it so. Really? It was loved and never used? A Picasso, sure, I can believe that wasn't 'used,' but what about the china, furniture, silverware, tea pots, Tiffany Lamps, jewelry?   The family Bible?   How do you love things and not use them?  If you're not using a set of dishes you own - maybe they own you. 

Maybe Purgatory is a theater-like waiting room where you spend a few weeks listening to what your fellow man thought of you and your life.  A place to see the true value of your earthly treasures.  No, that might actually be Hell - the sadness of watching yourself treat things better than people.  How would you explain loving a television show about friends visiting with friends more than making, having, and spending time with actual friends of your own?

I can't show you my real treasures, I just hope they will read this and remember some of our adventures.  This year is almost half way over, stop now and call someone you love (don't text them or email - actually listen to their voice).  In the next few days have your favorite meal with the people you love best and use your favorite china or stoneware or whatever dishes make you happy.   Life comes at us pretty fast, it's up to us to figure out how to slow things down. 

Now is always the best time to enjoy life.

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Coloradolady said...

This post really hit home. Wow some good strong thoughts here. When you stop and think about it...maybe the things do own us....I think I needed to read this! Very thought provoking!