Thursday, June 23, 2011

Work Continues in the Garage

It always seems to take longer in real life than it does on television. Progress is slower than I would like, but steady.  
Before, in this photo the wall doesn't look THAT dirty. 
I measured the wall and the ice chests (someday I'll explain why so many) and went shopping.   I got this 'system' because we used a smaller version in our pantry.  It took a Saturday to get it up, it probably would have taken a couple of hours (or less) but we have wonderful neighbors to visit with, there was a garage sale nearby that we checked out, steaks and asparagus were on sale and we had other shopping to do...  Oh, there was this magazine at the grocery store that I saw and wanted, but didn't buy (it cost $14.99 - maybe I could find a better deal somewhere else?)... but it was beautiful... it looked made for me...  it was called Where Women Create - it seemed to combine the best of both worlds - decorating the area you craft in.  It might be just what I need but I didn't have time, didn't want to spend the money and didn't buy it - that day.  Back to work and (eventually) we ended up with this....

After-ish, there's still work to be done, just making sure stuff fits, shelves were level, etc.
If you look at the wall, left side, just above the car, you can see the 'hole in the wall.'  This is before the patch.  The patch (finally) dried but there's a crack in it, so this morning I'm going to fill it with spackling (again) and it should be ready to sand and paint this afternoon. 

Sometime today I plan to take a break and read a bit...

I'll let you know if it is the best of both worlds.  Have a great day!

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